Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 61C-1.002 requires an

inspection of balconies, decks and railings on public lodging

establishments every three years.  


Who is required to have the HR7020 inspection?  

Any person or business who operates a “public lodging establishment” in which units/rooms are rented for periods of less than 30 days (transient lodging) and any person or business in which units/rooms are rented for periods of at least 30 days (non-transient).  

What is included in this inspection?  

The Inspector will visually inspect the balconies to include decking, wall attachments, ledger boards, railings and all fasteners.  Further, railings on all stairwells will be inspected.  The Inspector will note the total number of units inspected and note the total number of deficiencies.  The Inspector will provide a general description of the type of deficiencies noted and it is the responsibility of the owner to make the repairs and have the Inspector re-inspect the property.  Often, we find deferred maintenance issues are prevalent throughout the property.